Cleaning Service
Natalia Cleaning Service is owned and operated by Leticia Villalobos.

Leticia Villalobos, founder nad owner, has earned her GED and has taken English and business classes at Santa Rosa Junior College. Leticia was born in Querendaro, Mexico and at age 17 she moved to the United States. She became a citizen and had her first job working at McDonald's. After only working six months and knowing little to no English, she became kitchen manager. She then worked with 12 other women, all cleaning residentials, represented by La Luz. Leticia was working two jobs while still helping at home where her and her ex-husband raised 3 kids. She then decided to quit McDonalds and go back to school to get her GED. She earned her GED and decided to take a few more classes and start her own business. It was her experiance at La Luz that provided Leticia with the skills and confidence to open her own company. 

Working on a weekly schedule, Natalia Cleaning Service gives busy individuals and families clean, comfortable homes to return to and enjoy. Homes that are cleaned according to your indiviual wishes and that are satisfaction guarantee. 

Natalia Cleaning Service delivers a superior commercial cleaning program to a wide range of customer locations including office buildings, wine tasting rooms, winery offices, and more. 

"Natalia Cleaning Service provides a high quality cleaning services for personal and business users alike.  With more than 10 years experience we are run a highly recommended and respected  service and will provide you with a team who will understand and meet your needs.
We will treat your building and belongings like they are our own and we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our service.  We put a great deal into our cleaning service to ensure our customers are satisfied. "